Prayer points

For your prayers:

We ask your prayers for the following:

  • That we will not forget that our Heavenly Father cares for us and that we continue to trust in Him.
  • For the Bible Institute, we ask you to pray for the students and their teachers: that the Holy Spirit will work both in all the preparations and during the classes, and for the perseverance of the students.
  • We are working on the final blueprint of the new Bible Institute building. We are praying for wisdom: Psalm 127:1!

  • A cement floor has been poured in the little church in Maromi: We ask for your prayers for the children's club we will soon start there!

For praise:

We are grateful :

  • For Alexandre's good cooperation with all the other elders of our congregations
  • For the good time Wijneke had in the Netherlands and Belgium! For all the good conversations and all the interest shown for the work in Togo.
  • For all the donations that we have received so far for the construction of the new Bible school!
  • For Aléthea, the English student who will be with us for 7 weeks. What a blessing!...she will do some homeschooling with Neline and Niek and hopes to improve her French during her stay with us.


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