Prayer points

For your prayers:

Please join us in praying for the following:

  • That we will not forget that our Heavenly Father cares for us and that we continue to trust in Him.
  • Now the lessons at the Bible Institute have started, we ask you to pray for the 5 students and their teachers: that the Holy Spirit will work in all the preparations and lessons and that the students will persevere.
  • Recently, we started fundraising for the construction of a new Bible Institute. We ask for your prayers, that God will provide!
  • For all elders and deacons recently confirmed in the churches; that they may grow in grace, wisdom and holiness.

For praise:

We thank God for:

  • The unity amongst all the EGCT elders and their opennes and willingness to learn from all Alexandre is able to share with them.
  • The little temporary building found for the restart of the Bible Institute and for the five students that have started.
  • For the plot of land that has been bought to construct the new building for the Bible Institute.
  • The fact that Neline and Niek have recently re-started school and are already in the swing of things!
  • The visit we received from the Netherlands a while back!
  • All the contact Alexandre is recently having through 'Publications Chrétiennes' and 'Acts29' and the 1000 book set that have been distributed among pastors in Togo.
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