Prayer points

For your prayers:

We ask your prayers for the following:

  • Please continue to pray for our children's club in Maromi: that the seed of Gods Word will bear fruit to God's glory. We are praying that some of the children will start to come along to the Sunday services.
  • For the Bible Institute, we ask you to pray for the students and their teachers: that the Holy Spirit will work both in all the preparations and during the classes. Pray also for the perseverance of the students.
  • We are still working on the project plan for our new building project. Apart from housing the Bible College, we also envision intergrating a printing service and we hope the building will become a well equiped centre for Christian resources. Please pray for wisdom as we work on the plan and for the fundraising which will follow.
  • For Alexandre who will be attending an Acts29 meeting in Ivory Coast next week. Together with other pastors from several countries in West Africa, he is going to reflect on how best to guide and encourage church-planting initiatives.

  • For all the people we have been able to assist financially during illness and difficulty in recent months! May our help be a means God uses to draw them out of darkness into His Wonderful Light!

  • For Marceline (who helps us in the household) and her family: She became a mother of a healthy son Jean, their third child.

For praise:

We praise God:

For Alexandre's good cooperation with all the other elders of our congregations

For our opposite neighbour Koffi. For his beaming face every time we see him. That although he is still adjusting to a life in a wheelchair, he is obviously not depressed. We are also grateful that he has started going to the church that is next door to his house!

For all the donations that have come in, so far, for the construction of the new Bible school.

For the prospect that we hope to be back in Europe for a few months next summer!

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