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More then a Bible College

IMG_20231013_110805.jpg04 Apr Behind the scenes, a whole project plan is being worked out! The overarching goal for the new plot of land the EGCT was able to buy to be used for the new building and development of the Bible ... Lees verder

The architect

IMG20230826103001.jpg03 Apr The EGCT congregation in Lomé is only small. The two main reasons are that the congregation does not have its own plot of land and, as a result, they have had to move frequently in recent years. ... Lees verder


IMG_20231117_090258.jpg03 Apr It is a very long process to get a 'titre foncier' in Togo. This is the paper the government issues when it has determined with 100% certainty that you are the rightful owner of the piece of land.... Lees verder
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