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The EGCT congregation in Lomé is only small. The two main reasons are that the congregation does not have its own plot of land and, as a result, they have had to move frequently in recent years. Currently, the congregation is so far away from the centre of Lomé that many members are unable to get to the church. Transport back and forth on Sundays is often too expensive.

But Brother Eloi Bargoudou has been a faithful member of the congregation for years! He is also an architect and designs large buildings in Lomé for businesses and the government. We are of course very grateful that he was able to make the drawings, and together with the elders the current drawing was created. In the video you can see him in conversation with the elders (during our annual EGCT family conference)



It is a very long process to get a 'titre foncier' in Togo. This is the paper the government issues when it has determined with 100% certainty that you are the rightful owner of the piece of land.

This is necessary because it sometimes happens that a family sells a plot of land twice and then complicated situations can arise! The second-to-last stage of the process is that the Togolese State Newspaper officially publishes who bought the land and then there is a three-month period during which any other buyers can make a claim. After these three months in it is basically just waiting for the government to come and check everything before they make up the official paper.

Our purchase has now been in this newspaper for five months...and we are now waiting for the final step. Completion is expected early next year.

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