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IMG_20231013_110805.jpg04 Apr 2024

Behind the scenes, a whole project plan is being worked out! The overarching goal for the new plot of land the EGCT was able to buy to be used for the new building and development of the Bible Institute. However, at the same time, we think the plot of land can be used in an even more effective way for the expansion of God's Kingdom in Togo!

 If we take a step back and think about the Togolese context, there is a great need for good theological, contextualised books and resources in local languages! As in many other African countries, the church in Togo is, in general: 'miles wide, but only a few inches deep'. Pastors and church leaders often have very few books and find it difficult to refute the errors within the churches. Among ordinary church people, low literacy is often a major problem and simple books written especially for them and/or children's books are virtually unobtainable. There is also a great need for books written by African Christians and pastors who examine typical African problems from the Bible....

 We are therefore very grateful to have included an 'On-Demand' Printer facility in our project! We got in touch with a missionary from Niger, where such a system is already working and are looking forward immensely to being able to print solid Christian books, locally and much more affordable!

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