Building project

The building plan and finances

The plan

Nov 17, Doc 1 Page 0cThis is the cadastre drawing of the plot of land bought for the Bible school. We are grateful that the plot is in an easily accessible place. Also that the land is already flat and without any big stones or rocks!

This drawing shows the current phase: an elongated, simple but quite large building which is forward-looking:

The grey space can be divided into classrooms, but can also be rented out for meetings or conferences, and will thus give this small Institute a significant source of income right from the start.
There is enough space to start a library in.
Even the print shop can be started up in this building initially.


Financial situation


The cost of the building is estimated at around 80,000 Pounds. At the moment, we are still looking for an amount of 40,000 Pounds.

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