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Safely home from Israël!

IMG-20231003-WA0007 (1)c.jpg09 Oct 2023

Friday evening, 6 October around 6pm, Alexandre arrived safely back in Atakpame. He had been asked by the president of 'la ligue des pasteurs d'Atakpame' to replace him on a tour of Israël. A not-to-be-missed opportunity to visit this beautiful country! Together with over 40 other pastors, 'apostles' and bishops, from all kinds of different churches in Togo, he enjoyed a wonderful trip. A French-speaking Jewish guide showed them a lot of the historical sites.

Less than 12 hours after his return home, we heard the news of the Hamas attacks. Needless to say, we are very grateful that Alexandre was back in time! At the same time, we weep within thinking of all, sorrow and the unthinkable suffering in this desastrous war! We pray for the peace of Jerusalem and, that even in these dark times, many Jews and Palestinians may come to know the Messiah as their Lord and Saviour!

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