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A visit to Holland and a visitor in Togo

IMG-20230326-WA0008.jpg07 Apr 2023

How nice it was to be in the Netherlands for a while! What a blessing to be able to see your family for a short while and catch up 'live' with friends!


It was a privilege to share something about the plans for the Bible Institute in Togo on Sunday morning after the service in my home church 'de Laankerk'. Great that so many people stayed behind after the service and there were many good questions! In addition, it was good to meet up with the elders and other people who are willing to be of help for the development of the Bible Institute.  Before I flew back from Brussels on Monday, there was an opportunity to visit the church in Etterbeek (Brussels). I was also able to share something with this congregation as well about our work in Togo.

 It really took some adjusting to settle back into life in Togo! Shortly after my return we celebrated Neline’s 10th birthday and are now looking forward to new visits! From 19 April we will have a Christian English student, (who studies French at Oxford University) visiting us for 7 weeks. As part of her studies, Aléthea has to spend 6 months in a French-speaking country. She spent the first 3 months helping a church in Brussels, but because she did not get a student visa in Belgium she could only stay there for three months, so it was suggested by friends that she could visit us in Togo.

 Here she is most welcome! We have busy weeks ahead of us and her help will be very welcome! It is great that she can give some extra home-schooling to Neline and Niek too!

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