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Update on the Building Project

Screenshot_20230214-100255_Chrome.jpg18 Mar 2023

8 Months ago, we made a video explaining the need for a new building for the EGCT's Bible Institute. We look back with gratitude that subsequently we were able to buy a good piece of land.

See here a short update video

The Togolese state can declare the purchase of a piece of land legal and we are in the process of getting this legal State document. This  is important because it sometimes happens that a piece of land is sold twice. Yesterday (03.05) we found out that the national land registry office (OTR) has made an official announcement of our acquisition in the State Journal. If over the next 3 months nobody makes a claim on the same plot the plot is legally ours. 
We are also extremely grateful for a huge donation of 35,000 euros we received since the purchase of the piece of land.
So as soon as we receive the papers we can start to build. A lot of water is needed for construction. Besides, there is no water supply in the district yet and many people depend on their wells. Since these, hand-dug wells often run dry in the dry season, a drilled well will be a huge boon for the district!
Meanwhile, we are working on an official project plan. There is a preliminary construction drawing, made by an architect who is a member of our Lome congregation, but it needs to be modified! From an architect friend of mine from London, I have received a whole list of tips and advice on what to pay attention to, and then our architect will start working with an accurate list of concrete needs for the building.
Needless to say, we are grateful for these developments! But building a building is relatively easy. We ask your prayers so that God will open doors and give us His guidance. We pray that this Institute may become an Institute where His Word will be passed on clearly and with authority. That God will lead students to this Institute and that besides him and the elders, Alexandre will find someone else with whom he can share teaching.

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