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On furlough!

Screenshot_2023-11-01-20-31-22-52_680d03679600f7af0b4c700c6b270fe7.jpg08 nov 2023

We are very grateful that we were able to buy tickets for our furlough, DV summer 2024! From 22 June to 13 September, we hope to be in Europe! We look forward to meeting many of you in person! We hope to meet churches and supporters in Holland, Belgium, England and perhaps even France during this period. We ask you to pray with us that we will be able to make this time as useful as possible, that God will provide for everything and that we will have plenty of opportunity to share about our work in Togo! 

Since it will be a logistical challenge to visit so many different countries, please let us know well in advance, if you'd like to invite us to come to your church!

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