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a Pastors conference in Lome

IMG20231010202218.jpg15 oct. 2023

From the10th to the 12th October a pastors' conference was held in Lome. Alexandre had been asked by the organisers to give a workshop and participate in a panel discussion. This conference made us realise again how important it is for churches to be Biblically founded and for the Gospel to sound clearly there! God does not only call individuals to be salt and light in this world....He calls His church to be salt and light too! It is the love that church members manifest among themselves that shows how much Christ loved us!


Besides good teaching, it was also an occasion for fellowship. The employees from a small printing business in Niger were present. They print good solid French Christian books locally at very low cost! We pray that we will be able to open such a printing shop in Atakpamé in due course! Good books are very important for the in depth growth of the churches in Togo!

IMG20231010184651Finally, this conference was a very good place to highlight the work of Actes 29. Alexandre is this organisation's representative in Togo. Actes 29 is willing and able to support church planting initiatives. Alexandre’s role is to evaluate the church plant proposal, so before support is given… a list of criteria need to be met to ensure that the planted church will be a clear Gospel preaching church with a good doctrinal basis. We pray that this too may be a means to help start churches in areas where the Light of the Gospel did not yet penetrate!

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