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Helping our neighbour!

IMG_20231107_094350.jpg07 nov. 2023

Back in February we heard the news that our neighbour who lives opposite of us, fell through a roof and suffered a spinal cord injury! A dramatic event for a family that, even without health problems, daily struggles make ends meet!! For the first few months after the accident Koffi was not at home. The family, not being able to pay for hospital bills took him to a ‘local healer’ …. Much cheaper, but disastrous! When they finally took him home I went over to have a look….As I feared he had a massive pressure sore! If, in addition you also do not have a bed, no money even for a dressing and  you are incontinent of faeces and urine….you realise that it is very true that in Togo, Spinal Cord Injury often simply ends up being an early death due to complications.IMG20230817104333

Thankfully, after communication with our Dutch supporters we received sufficient funds to send him to the mission hospital in Tsiko! For over two months they have cared for his wounds, he has had several surgeries and is now ready to come home!! Please pray for wisdom as we want to help this family further with all that is necessary so that they can provide, once again for themselves! We pray Koffi will learn how to live with his handicap and will be able to avoid future pressure sores…We also ask your prayers for wisdom as we hope to help him find work which will generate sufficient funds for his family!

In the midst of this all, Koffi’s wife delivered their son, whom we were given the privilege to name: Johan (God is gracious / merciful) Pray with us that this family will discover God’s mercy in Christ!

My sister Christine showing a photo of Johan to his dad:IMG20231019112935c

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