Building project

Building Project

Since 2013, our church, the EGCT, has had a small Bible Institute. Alexandre and the other elders who teach there are fully convinced of the authority and infallibility of Scripture, of salvation through gracious faith in Christ alone. They are also convinced of the need for thorough training for pastors and preachers. Especially in Togo, where literally 'all winds of doctrine' blow in many churches, it is important for pastors to be firmly rooted in the Truth!20220912_160559 (2)

Until recently, classes were held in one of the EGCT's church buildings. The disadvantage of this is that therefore the Bible school was immediately seen as 'owned by' and meant only for students from our own congregations. This is exactly what the elders hoped to avoid as it is their wish to also be able to train students from a wider group of churches. This is the reason that the elders decided to rent a small building on 'neutral ground':



But this small building is NOT suitable and in this building the Bible School will never be able to develop further. We are therefore immensely grateful that we were able to buy land and also already received a large amount of money for the realisation of a suitable building!

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Our vision

Our vision for the Bible school.

The intention is that the new building will be multi-functional.

Since our church has no finances to run this Bible school itself, it was decided to incorporate a source of income directly into the construction of the school. There will be a hall that can be rented out for meetings, conferences and, for example, funerals.

We also hope to build a good library there. Already Alexandre has a large number of books at home that are meant for the new Bible Institute.

Finally, there are also plans to be able to start a printing shop for Christian books in the building and we now have contacts with organisations and missionaries who can help us make this happen.

Please whatch the video below!:

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